White Label PPC Management

High level PPC management specifically for marketing agencies looking to either expand the services you provide or for agencies looking to off-load management due to growth and cannot afford to hire a new employees yet.

If you don’t offer PPC services

There are thousands of digital agencies who only specialise in one or two services within the digital landscape (think SEO, web developing, social media, email etc.)

They do a great job for their clients improving their business through improving their website or increasing their organic search rankings but what ends up happening is clients request other services which they may not be providing themselves.

So this is why it’s becoming common for businesses to move to “all-in-one” agencies who offer everything to do with digital. Businesses just do not have the time or the capacity to be managing multiple teams.

If you do offer PPC services

Google Ads is almost always a channel which businesses ask about, which makes sense since Google Ads gets you the quickest results and can be easily improved and optimised as more data comes through. It’s no coincidence that Google Ads revenue is consistently growing and in 2018 broke over $100 billion in revenue.

So if you’re already offering Google Ads management you will know that this will only get more competitive and any drops in performance or dents in client relationships leaves you open for these clients to move onto another agency.


I am fully certified in Google Ads on all channels (Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video) and also on Bing Ads.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Why Choose Me?

I have over 4 years’ experience in both working at an agency and providing white label services and have achieved great results doing both. Highly technical and flexible, your experience of working with me will be that of as if I was a full time employer. Tasks which fall under white label management are:

  • Quick turnaround in researching, building and uploading new campaigns (in most cases less than a week)
  • Google Ads account management, implementing best and up to date practices to get the most out of your campaigns
  • In-depth analysis of accounts and data using tools I have built and modified myself
  • Providing reports on areas of improvement or general reporting of activities so you can relay important messages back to clients

I also won’t tie you down to any lengthy contract, all I ask is you give me 30 days notice.


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