The Sickness of Anxiety

That feeling when you want to do something but your body and your mind is simultanously preventing you to do it.

The sickness that comes after it is sometimes unbearable, isn’t it?

Power through it, fight it with all your might. Think deeper, have a cold shower, shout internally until the rest of you gets the picture and knows who’s boss.

You’ll always come out better for it in the end.

Fine Line

There’s a fine line when it comes to the amount of work and the quality of work in PPC. The more work you take on the more you broaden your knowledge across the various verticals and tactics.

But you don’t want to go over that line and find yourself compromising learning for just getting the bare minimum amount of work done.


Always be experimenting with experiences that resonates and doesn’t. You deserve that freedom for yourself to do so.

Change the way you eat, the way you think, the way you approach people and situations. Keep testing new ways until you find the way that’s beneficial for both you and the people around you.

Make notes, reflect and test again.

Keys To Success

Surround yourself with success, you will be successful.

There are 3 variables which attribute to this. The people around you, the input you allow yourself to consume and the space that occupies your mind.

The first is easy to do. Avoid negative people.

The second is a little tricky. Seek stimuli which will help you expand your mind and evolve.

The third requires some work. Believe what it is you want to achieve. Also, be smart and savvy with how you go about it. Don’t dwell on problems, think of solutions.

Your time will come.

Monday Blues

What’s with Monday taking all the flack for you feeling tired, anxious and a lack of passion. It’s just a day and there are 6 others which end in the same 3 letters.

If you’re exhibiting negative feelings at around 8:48am on Mondays, it’s time to reevaluate the situation which got you to feel like that and start focusing on another avenue to explore. One which can instil joy, excitement and a sense of being alive.

You have the access to the world at your fingertips and all the knowledge that comes in it. You are smarter and more resourceful than 99.999% of humans who have ever existed.

Good luck.

First Time

Everyone has a first time. First picture posted, first book taken out, first film watched.

Here’s my first blog post.

Hopefully not the last.